Flash Glucose Monitoring (Flash GM)

Flash Glucose Monitoring (Flash GM)

Flash Glucose Monitoring (Flash GM)

What is Flash Glucose Monitoring (Flash GM)?
Flash glucose monitoring is a small sensor that you wear just under your skin. It stores your blood glucose (also known as blood sugar) levels continuously and you can access them by
scanning the sensor whenever you want to – see link for more:
https://www.diabetes.org.uk/Guide-to- diabetes/Managing-your- diabetes/Testing/Flash-glucose-monitoring/

Who is Flash GM for?
The Diabetes UK consensus guideline recommends that Flash GM devices should be made available, to any adult or child who use insulin to manage their diabetes, principally those with
Type 1 diabetes using multiple daily injections or an insulin pump. It would also be suitable for patients with other type of diabetes when intensive insulin therapy becomes necessary because of severely reduced pancreatic function. This recommendation has taken account of the scientific and clinical evidence, as well as the experiences of those using the technology and diabetes specialists.

Is it available on the NHS?
Flash Glucose Monitoring (Flash GM) is available, in principle, via the NHS across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from November 2017. The device was included on the
national NHS Drug Tariff as of 1st November. However, local decision makers now need to agree policies on prescribing the technology for people with diabetes in their area. Frustratingly, this will mean that the situation is different depending on where you live.

It may take some time for local areas to have the Flash GM sensors added to their local formulary list and develop polices on how the device is to be prescribed. We are working with local health decision makers across the UK to make sure that Flash GM is available and we are starting to map availability. Diabetes UK does not want to see a post code lottery in accessing the

Further information
If you have further questions, there is a full FAQ document for Flash GM on the website – www.diabetes.org.uk/flash

From January 2018 we will have an online map and support pack available to help you to find out more about Flash and how you can access it locally. You can also
contact our helpline on 0345 123 2399.

Join the campaign
We can only make change happen with your support, so if you haven’t already joined the campaign - sign up at: www.diabetes.org.uk/flash